[Phpwm] Interviews & technical competency

pete graham petegraham1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 16:46:09 GMT 2007

Depends what level of programmer you're looking for. If you're looking
for a junior give them access to a simple user database (usernames,
passwords, etc). Ask them to program a basic log-on page and welcome
page if the user manages to log-in. Then leave them for 20 or 30

When you come back get them to talk you through their code, from this
you'll be able to see if they can structure a (simple) web
application. If they've made a working system you'll at least know
that they know the basics of (reading from) databases and SQL. You
could then ask them if they're any security exploits in their code
(they probably are if you only give them 20 minutes), you're not
looking for perfect code more working knowledge and what they'd do if
they had more time.

Obviously you could vary this example by giving them all sorts of
smallish programming tasks, I think the main thing is see if they can
get something up and running that works, and then see how they've done
it and ask them why they've done it. I reckon this should enable you
to find someone good.

Alternatively give them some really crap code and get them to talk you
through what's wrong with it.


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