[Phpwm] possible?

Keith Pope keith.pope at allpay.net
Thu Mar 29 10:01:20 BST 2007

Well if its just for one thing maybe don't use it. But I would use a
framework as I don't have time to try and debug IE all the time! 

Keith Pope
Web Developer

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> Hi,
> You really should check out mootools ( http://mootools.net ) it makes 
> life so much easier you could then just do:
> $('myElement').setProperties({
>     alt: 'whatever dude'
> });
> It also has a great event class that gets rid of those cross-browser 
> issues!
> And has methods to bind event callbacks into proper scope.
> There are other JS Libs out there and I have evaluated most of them, I 
> like mootools as it doesn't try to do too much for you just provides 
> help ways of working with cross-browser JS.
> Notable ones would be:
> Jquery ( http://jquery.com/ )
> Mochikit ( http://www.mochikit.com/ )
> Bloated ones ( my opinion, some cool features )
> YUI ( http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/ ) Dojo ( http://dojotoolkit.org/ 
> )
> And finally there is:
> Prototype ( http://www.prototypejs.org/ ) - One of the original JS 
> libs was/is bundled with rudy-rails but started to lack ongoing dev, 
> may still get better in the future.
> Size with JS is always an issue, mootools is very lightweight and you 
> can build your downloads to only include the stuff you need.
> Also check out mod-gzip / mod_deflate using these can cut your sizes 
> down greatly!
> Keith Pope
> Web Developer

I might be missing something here.
How is using a framework going to beneficial over what was ultimately just
one or two lines of code?


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