[Phpwm] browserpool

Michael Sheldon mike at mikeasoft.com
Sat Mar 31 19:43:06 BST 2007

On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 06:37:47PM +0100, David Goodwin wrote:
> > > I didn't think you could install different versions of IE on the same
> > > machine though, so wouldn't you need as a minimum multiple partions
> > > for each O/S x each version of IE to achieve that? That would take a
> > > fair time to setup and configure!
> > 
> >  Personally I rely almost entirely on a GNU/Linux machine running IE 5,
> > 5.5, 6 and 7 via IEs4Linux (www.tatanka.com.br/) and test with
> > Konqueror for Safari compatibility (webkit is based on KHTML with most
> > changes commited upstream).
> > 
> How straight forward is it to setup? I presume it probably won't work
> on AMD64 derivatives?

 Very simple to setup on 32bit systems, it's pretty much just a matter of 
running the IEs4Linux script and answering a few quick questions (such as
which versions of IE you want), it'll then create a new WINE configuration
and download all the required components. It'll then create some scripts
for launching each version of IE in ~/bin/.

 On a 64bit system I would assume it would be useable if you setup a 32bit


Michael Sheldon

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