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This didn't seem to get delivered the first time; hence a resend.

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Bronwen Reid wrote :
> Hi,
> Just emailing to ask about the date of the next meeting?  Tues, 13th 
> November, right?
> Having missed the last three (or four??) I would really like to make 
> this one, and I need to get it in the diary now.


NO. The next meeting will be the *15th of November*

I've not advertised it yet, as I'm waiting for an abstract from the
speaker (I'll time out at the end of the week, and spam people then if
I've not had it)

It should be a legal talk covering copyright, online advertising and
contract law.

Venue wise - Birmingham University, Computer Science department (about
200 yards from the University train station)

I'm hoping to do it in conjunction with South Birmingham LUG and perhaps
a few Perl mongers.



1. Sorry for the date change, but this is convienant from a venue point of
2. Google tech calendar has been updated
3. If you want a 'normal' meeting AS WELL.. then just ask... I can
probably manage two geeky things in one week, but ideally we'd need
someone to talk about something?
(We can demo some stuff we've written that integrates trac projects
together, for a planning point of view... think of it as a show and tell)

David Goodwin 

[ david at codepoets dot co dot uk ]
[ http://www.codepoets.co.uk       ]

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