[Phpwm] Next meeting - 15th November - Legal talk - Birmingham University

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 16:09:21 GMT 2007

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Dear "members",

Next meeting - Thursday 15th November, 7:30pm.

Location : Birmingham University - Computer Science department.
See : http://linkpot.net/overuses for where Google thinks it is.

I'll post a better abstract to the talk tomorrow (hopefully) when I get
it. In the mean time, I believe it will cover :

- - Copyright
- - Contract law
- - Legal aspects of online marketing / advertising

The speaker is Richard Nicholas, who works for

There's a bar on campus to visit afterwards. I'd expect the 'talk' bit
to last 1 to 1.5 hours. There should be people from South Birmingham LUG
along also (we're stealing their meeting spot/venue/time), and perhaps a
random Python/Perl type as well.
(So be on your best behaviour! No language fights!)


a) By train - get off at the University train station, go over the
railway/canal, and it's in-front of you on the right.

b) By car - either find somewhere to park along Vincent Drive (good
luck) and to the train station. Then follow directions above.

c) By car - head along the A38 and follow this :
http://favoriterun.com/178627 (try viewing it as a hybrid map zoomed in
somewhat). If you get to the end point, walk 'up hill' and you'll see
the CompSci building on your left.
There is a 'barrier' to entrance into the Uni, but just press the buzzer
and shout "Computer science, please" and they'll let you in.

When you arrive:

SBLug have a poster and door bell outside the comp.sci. building (it's a
penguin). Press the door bell, and someone will let you in. The building
itself is quite modern looking, with lots of glass.

Alternatively, phone me (07792 380669) and I can try and help (but I
won't be of much use giving directions to the building itself, if you're
driving around the University).


- --
David Goodwin

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