[Phpwm] RSS Feeds

Kevin Golding kevin at caomhin.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 1 17:31:14 GMT 2008

Someone, quite probably Daniel Davies, once wrote:
>I was going to reply, but I can't say with 100% accuracy... if it helps...
>The <link rel... tag is what your browser, and things like search 
>crawlers use to tell if there is an RSS feed available for a page (in 
>firefox you get the RSS icon in the address bar), so I assume if there 
>is a reader that can auto-detect an RSS feed from the site's domain 
>thats how it'll do it. To my knowledge there is no 'default' RSS 

While there's no "default" a lot of the RSS auto-detect scripts check
the same few places.  i.e. /atom.xml, /index.xml

It's fairly reliable tbh but I believe every auto-detect script I've
seen has check for the <link> alternative first - it's basically the
"proper" way.  The checking of common known locations is a fallback
because so many people can't/don't do a <link>


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