[Phpwm] mod_frontpage

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 11:36:21 GMT 2008

Phil Beynon wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> I didnt know you were on here mate!
> It is actually disabled on the Raq, in that its deactivated withing th GUI
> etc, however what I am doing is the Security Metrics credit card merchant
> compliance testing and somehow its seeing the module is there and
> potentially available and is coming back with;
> The remote host is using the Apache mod_frontpage module. mod_frontpage
> older than 1.6.1 is vulnerable to a buffer overflow which may allow an
> attacker to gain root access. *** Since SMetrics was not able to remotely
> determine the version *** of mod_frontage you are running, you are advised
> to manually *** check which version you are running as this might be a false
> *** positive. If you want the remote server to be remotely secure, we advise
> you do not use this module at all. Solution: Disable this module Risk
> Factor: High CVE : CVE-2002-0427 BID : 425
> It's really just about the only thing that's giving grief on this now, apart
> from tweaking the PHP and MySQL versions to the latest - I've even managed
> to update BIND and stop the DNS recursion lookups.

If you don't actually need mod_frontpage then just delete it?
I can't even see a copy of it on any of my installations and if it's not able 
to load it, then you should be able to find the entry to delete in the config 

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