[Phpwm] Secure email

Tony Lovering tonylovering at talktalk.net
Mon Feb 25 18:32:56 GMT 2008

David Goodwin wrote:
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> Tony Lovering wrote:
> | One of my NHS clients wants a secure system that will allow them to
> | generate emails to managers and the HR dept with letters, forms etc. At
> | the moment their email client is Microsoft Outlook which is unable to
> | provide the security they require to allow transfer of confidential
> | medical data.
> |
> | Does anyone know of a PHP based solution?
> Define: security.
I haven't been able to contact the person asking for this but I assume 
some form of encryption is required. Because they haven't explained why 
Outlook isn't secure enough I'm finding it difficult to understand what 
they want.

Tim's PGP suggestion looks interesting though.

> Would Squirrelmail or Roundcube running over HTTPS suffice?
I'll not sure, the websites don't talk about security as such, and I'm a 
beginner as far as email is concerned, I can use it but I've not had to 
mess about technically.
> Presumably you'll need to get the mail server itself to use SSL (i.e.
> SMTPS), and hope the receiving mail server supports SSL...
Yes I think so



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