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Simon Ferre simon.ferre at onetwodo.co.uk
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I use Entanet, based in the UK for my hosting.

I've got a dedicated cobalt raq server (not the latest spec but I'm not
complaining) for £20 per month.

So far, I am hosting about 6 websites on there through XAMPP using PHP and
MySQL and APACHE and a couple of the sites are using Drupal 5.x and one
using Drupal 4.x.  If you want to see the speed, look at any of the
following sites hosted there:


I saw them at the NEC one year during a business start-up exhibition and did
a deal with a guy called Jake Perks there and then.

They can do shared hosting all the way up to clustering (if you get that
big) and I'm sure it's not that difficult to move between their services as
and when required.

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Can anyone recommend a good hosting company?

I need a company that can offer both shared and dedicated hosts with
tightly administered servers and a professional administration to ensure
that all known vulnerabilities and holes are patched and closed and
regularly checking of intrusion detection and other system logs for
operational irregularities and oddities.
Oh, and they mustn't cost the earth!



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