[Phpwm] [OT] intro, hello, etc.

Dave Holmes dave at neteffekt.co.uk
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Hi Matt,

There is plenty going on if you know where to look on this list there is a
good mix of companies selling everything from website development through to
companies like mine which sell software solutions and ASP services using all
new media.... 


Just showing off our new site ;) *cough* and a shameless link in the
archives *cough*

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Um, hi.

One of your number, Elliot Smith, pointed me in the direction of your list
in response to a blog post I wrote recently [1], bemoaning the lack of New
Media activity going on in the Midlands.

I'm a Developer, Flash mainly in recent years, but with plenty of server
side stuff in my past. Actually, when I say I'm a developer, it's proabbly
more accurate to call me an ex-Developer these days, as I've been kicked
upstairs into mgmt recently. Although I'm missing getting my hands dirty, so
may need to make some career changes soon.

Strictly speaking I shouldn't be on this list, as I'm in Brighton, but I'm
very interested to find out what's going on in the Mids. It's where my heart

Anyway, hi. That's all I wanted to say. Hope you're all well. I'll go back
to lurking now.

matt zb

[1] http://zenbullets.com/blog/?p=142

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