[Phpwm] Trac alternatives?

Ian Munday ian.munday at illumen.co.uk
Tue Jan 8 18:11:37 GMT 2008

On 2 Jan 2008, at 19:39, Darren Beale wrote:

>> Out of interest - What's wrong with Trac? Python? Features?
> I take it all back. I've just finished configuring a 0.11 Trac  
> install and
> it's much better than the version we'd been using previously.
> Cheers
> db

I'm going to have a look at using Trac again, especially as it seems  
so popular with people on this list.

I've not got a copy up and running yet to play with, but out of  
interest how do people manage their clients / projects?  Do they  
manage it all from one install and use in-built permissions?  Or do  
they have an install for each project / client?

Are there any other "project / process management" tools people  
routinely use to help manage their workflow / interaction with clients?



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