[Phpwm] Tactile Beta

Jake Stride jake.stride at senokian.com
Wed Jan 23 15:03:04 GMT 2008

On 23 Jan 2008, at 10:53, Mike Tipping wrote:

> Looks interesting.
> I have a customer who is after a CRM but his main requirement is  
> that it
> works online and offline. And the offline bit needs to be Mac and  
> Windows
> compliant.
> I was putting something together for him using Google Gears but it's  
> a lot
> of hassle.
> Does yours work offline at all? Anyone else got any suggestions?
> Cheers
> Mike

Hi Mike,

Tactile is a hosted app so only works with a net connection. Have they  
considered buying staff a data card for laptops etc? May be cheaper  
than having something developed in Gears since Tactile would work on a  



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