[Phpwm] unicode email with Zend_Mail - what about the subject?

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue Sep 9 20:34:56 UTC 2008


I've been trying to send a fully unicode 'compliant' email - where the
to/from/subject/body can all contain unicode characters.

I'm able to get the to/from/body encoded correctly, but the subject
seems to be awkward (i.e. refusing to encode correctly!)

So far, I've only tried using Zend_Mail, with something like the below : 

(the commented out line shows one attempt I had at fixing the subject,
but it didn't seem to work for Thunderbird)

(I suspect the repetitive utf-8's aren't needed aside from in the
constructor; I was grasping at straws...)

$mail = new Zend_Mail('UTF-8');
$mail->setbodytext("hello world - here is some unicode stuff  汉语/漢語", 'utf-8', Zend_Mime::ENCODING_BASE64);
//$mail->setSubject(mb_encode_mimeheader("See 汉语/漢語", 'UTF-8', 'P'));A
$mail->setSubject("See 汉语/");
$mail->setFrom('david at example.org', 'rah rah 汉语/漢語');
$mail->addTo('david at example.org', 'rah rah 汉语/漢語');

Ideas/suggestions welcome. 

I'll try using a different library (e.g.
phpmailer) tomorrow, as perhaps it's a bug in Zend_Mail...

David Goodwin 

[ david at codepoets dot co dot uk ]
[ http://www.codepoets.co.uk       ]

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