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In case this interests anyone on the list...


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There's been a lot of discussion about a London Hacklab forming, and
us in Birmingham are jumping on the bandwagon. We'd like to get as
many people together to talk about what we could do, to bring a
hacklab/openspace/hackerspace to Birmingham.

"A hackerspace or hackspace (from Hacker and Space) is a real (as
opposed to virtual) place where people with common interests, usually
in science, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet,
socialise and collaborate." - WIkipedia

This will hopefully be a place where people can explore technology,
blog about their surroundings, meet and organise themselves. Even
though it is usually geek based, more interesting, and innovative
things will happen the more people use it.

We have the pre-requisite mailing list:


We are probably going to be meeing at The Bull in Birmingham City
centre. (Geek friendly, with wifi)


Although this maybe subject to change, so sign up to the mailing list
to keep up to date.

To arrange a time a meet-o-matic form has been set up.


So please put in the times that are best for you. PM = 6pm-10pm.

Please tell your friends about this, blog about it, twitter it. At the
moment we just need to build up interest and people that want to
actually *do* something. The more people we tell, the more likely we
are to find those that we need to get his off the ground.



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