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This may interest some; I keep meaning to do some testfest stuff, but
have so far failed....

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Hey Group,

My Spanish is a bit rusty, so I hope I'm not stepping on too many toes
sending this message in English.

My name is Michelangelo van Dam and I'm co-founder of the largest PHP
user group in Belgium called PHPBelgium. We already participated last
year in PHP Test Fest with some great results (see

This year we want to make TestFest even better and bigger, so we're
already in negotiations with PHP groups in the Netherlands, the UK and
Ireland. Our goal is to make PHP Test Fest 09 a real European party
and we were wondering if you guys would like to participate in this
endeavor ?

More details about TestFest can be found at:
- http://qa.php.net/testfest.php - the What
- http://wiki.php.net/qa/testfest - the How

If interested, you can find us on irc (freenode.net) in the testfest
channel #phptestfest or if your attending the London PHP conference
(http://phpconference.co.uk), just head out to the #phpwomen booth and
just mention PHP Test Fest :-)

Have PHPun,


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