[Phpwm] Next Meeting

Tess Barnes php at crataegusdesign.co.uk
Fri Jan 9 16:42:42 UTC 2009

Hi David,
I'd love to finally get to meet some more of you guys but wouldn't be 
able to make 13th anyway.
If you do delay for a week I'd be inviting myself if that's ok ?
Tess Barnes
Crataegus Design

David Goodwin wrote:
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> Hi,
> Reuben was due to give a talk about XML and web services (I think) ...
> but he hasn't (yet) answered any of my emails.... so for all I know he
> could be ill/on holiday/ignoring me/very busy.... presumably his talk
> would be at PSL's office in Harbourne.
> On the assumption Reuben isn't going to get back to me - I'm happy to
> host the meeting at our office in Bromsgrove - so it can be a
> technical/presentational etc followed by a trip to a local pub ... but I
> could do with some suggestions of content (or someone willing to talk).
> Any takers? At the moment it's likely I'll delay the meeting for a week,
> in the hope that Reuben gets back to me.....

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