[Phpwm] project deployment strategy

Daniel Davies email at danux.co.uk
Tue Jul 21 13:09:32 UTC 2009

Hi Kevin,

We currently have a production server that runs sites straight out of
subversion. We have a structure similar to this

- conf
|-- virutal_host
|-- virtual_hosts
- project1
|-- devel
|-- test
|-- live
- project2
|-- devel
|-- test
|-- live

Our host files set the document root to live and when we want to put
something live, we just merge devel in to test for testing, then devel
to live to actually make the changes live. It's been working great for
us, even with python projects (which require an apache restart, we just
do that on an svn hook). Keeping virtual hosts in conf is working out
really well too, our developers don't have any direct access to the
server with this setup.

We also have the local server in the office do an hourly checkout of
devel, so the non-techy people here are able to view sites and we keep a
local backup just in case.


Daniel Davies

Kevin Portman wrote:
> Hi All
> I'd like to say I've found the mailing list extremely useful over the
> last few months. Information and views of those that contribute have
> helped greatly in expanding my knowledge surrounding PHP and web
> development.
> To the question - we're currently looking in to a project deployment
> strategy and would like to hear what everyone else thinks on this
> subject.
> We have a local development server (with CentOS and SVN), and a remote
> hosting server (linux with plesk) which will be used for our
> test/prototype and live sites. We're looking for a robust method of
> getting a particular version of a project from SVN to the test/live
> sites without going through the manual export (via tortoiseSVN) and
> upload via ftp process.
> Ideally we'd like to be able to go directly from SVN to the test/live
> sites and have SVN handle the process, enabling us to confidently say
> which version of the project is on the test and live sites. For
> security, we were hoping to 'push' the transfer from the development
> server to the remote server.
> Along with this, we'd need to consider tracking MySQL database changes
> (changes to the schema and static data, not user generated data). Any
> ideas on the best way to accomplish this?
> Thanks in advance for any input on this topic.
> Kev
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