[Phpwm] Understanding code to the knitty-gritty level

Bronwen Reid info at bronwenreid.com
Fri Jun 26 09:23:21 UTC 2009

Posted for general amusement more than anything else.

Working on a recent project where the client had an in-house system to
manage product catalogue and stock, and their own programmers who
weren't very web (or php) friendly.   We had a script to send them
updates by ftp, and occasionally it would fail to connect.

Here we are being told off for using the php ftp functions.

> Now in our industry we have 3rd party components developed and sold by well
> known companies to do these functions. When we have a bug a failure like this
> we can go back to them and get it fixed. Recently we uncovered a bug in the
> Delphi 2009 web service file download function and we are able to apply
> pressure to get it fixed
> Now I believe in your industry you will be using lot of open source
> components. In my opinion it has a problem of every Tom, Dick and Harry
> modifying the code by the time it reaches you. I personally do not accept code
> from anyone
> 1) Unless I understand the code to the knitty gritty level
> 2) I know the person who wrote it to get any modifications and bug fixes done
> Now I do not want to argue about this or continue with my preaching. But we
> need to get this project finished

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