[Phpwm] Next Meeting - Tuesday 12th May - Caching for Performance (B60 2JG, Bromsgrove)

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Thu May 7 08:18:18 UTC 2009

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The next meeting will be a technical talk by Rob Allen - 'Caching for

Rob will be giving this talk at the Dutch PHP conference -
see http://phpconference.nl/schedule/talks#DPC0906


"More, now than ever, websites need fast response times and be able to
cope under load. As web pages contain more and more dynamically
generated content, the challenge is on for PHP developers to develop
efficient caching solutions. This presentation will focus on using
caching techniques that can be used in a PHP project to increase the
performance of a web site. We will look at a variety of caching
techniques, showing practical implementations and before and after
statistics. We will also cover the cache storage options available and
when you might use one over another. We will also address how to get
browsers to cache content for us using HTTP headers."

Venue: Pale Purple's Office, 13 New Road, Bromsgrove. B60 2JG.

Date: Tuesday 12th May 2009, 19:30

As per previous emails, our office is about 100 yards from a
Wetherspoons, so we can easily take the conversation there afterwards.

There is free car parking behind (and infront of) our office. To find
us, look for Darren Blowers estate agents (We're upstairs; entrance is
around the back) - we're opposite a council car park which is NOT free.

A SatNav should get you straight to us using the postcode.
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