[Phpwm] Getting mail into a mysql database

Andy Cowan andy at w4.co.uk
Thu May 28 10:25:56 UTC 2009

Mike Tipping wrote:
> I have a simple support system that allows people to submit messages through
> a web form. These messages all go into a MySQL DB and are dealt with.
> I now want to add messages from email so all messages that come to a
> specific email address are parsed into the same DB.
> The mail server I'm using a the mo is Postfix.
> Any ideas on the best way of doing this.
Hi Mike

Write a script that will take an email on its STDIN, parse it and store
it into the database.

Then you can connect it to an email address using the /etc/aliases file,

support:    "|/usr/local/bin/parsesupportmail.php"



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