[Phpwm] Getting mail into a mysql database

Andy Cowan andy at w4.co.uk
Thu May 28 14:03:48 UTC 2009

David Goodwin wrote:
> sukh virdee wrote:
> > Yes I used this method at CPW.
> > Anything stopping you using qmail?
> I thought qmail was generally shunned (odd license, limited
> development?, not supported by [m]any linux distributions etc).
> David.
You thought right. Postfix or Exim are the real choices.

There's really no need to change the whole MTA just to be able to pipe
incoming emails into a script!

Use the alias method, it works, it's not difficult, it's easy to test
(feed it mail on STDIN) and there's no delay waiting for crons to run
(or not...)


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