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Community Groups
We welcome mutual publicity from other community groups. This might be a
logo on your website, a
mailing to your members, or just mentioning the conference at one of your
members=A1=AF events. In return we=A1=AFll
display your logo on our delegates=A1=AF bags and event programmes and even
mention your event during our
conference or monthly meetings. We will also provide a limited number of
clothed tables for community
groups at the conference.

- probably too late to get our name on the bags but a table would be good.

On 07/01/2011 18:23, "Mike Tipping" <mike at> wrote:

>I'm going. Are we too late to ask for a PHP WM table?
>On 07/01/2011 16:42, "Bronwen Reid" <info at> wrote:
>>I'm sure everyone on list already knows, but anyhow, here's a reminder.
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>>Subject:     [PHP London-discuss] PHP UK Conference 2011
>>Date:     Fri, 7 Jan 2011 16:07:30 +0000
>>We just wanted to make sure you were aware of our 2011 event, coming up
>>Friday 25th February, again at the Business Design Centre in London -
>>apologies if we're preaching to the converted and you already know about
>>and/or have registered! Our earlybird registration price will end at 5pm
>>today (Friday 7th January), so if you want to come, you can save =A1=CC20 (ex=
>>VAT) by registering now instead of nearer to the event. If you plan to
>>using credit card, please select the PayPal payment method (you do not
>>to create a Paypal account):
>>If you've already registered yourself, thanks very much, and don't forget
>>tell your friends/colleagues. Note that the only way to register is via
>>website =A1=A9 we do not accept or offer sales directly by telephone, fax or
>>  e-mail.
>>In mid-December we announced most of our speakers and the talks that they
>>will be presenting, and will be running a poll for registered delegates,
>>we did last year, to help determine the actual schedule on the day:
>>As you are hopefully aware, we are a community-organised event, run by
>>unpaid volunteers, and so we rely on sponsorship to help fund our
>>conferences, to make sure we can offer reasonable registration costs back
>>our delegates. If you work for an organisation that might be interested
>>sponsoring this year, or being a partner, whether it being financially or
>>supporting us in some other way, please ask the relevant person that you
>>work with to take a look at our sponsorship brochure, which outlines the
>>opportunities that are available:
>>Also, if you'd like to get involved on a more personal level, we are
>>looking for volunteers to help us on the day. We would only recommend
>>if you already live in London as we are unable to cover your travel or
>>accomodation costs, but if you do, this is a great way to give something
>>back to the PHP/open source community, and to avoid having to pay to
>>the event! If you're interested, there's more info and a sign-up form on
>>Lastly, we are currently planning our keynote speaker/talk for the event,
>>and currently have a few options in mind. However, we are always keen to
>>hear your suggestions, so if you've seen a great speaker/talk at an event
>>within the last year or so that you think we should consider, or have any
>>other kind of feedback or enquiry, please let us know - either e-mail us
>>conference at or use the form on the site:
>>We hope to see you all on February 25th!
>>Jo, Dave, Sam, Franck, Simon and Richard
>>Bronwen Reid, Web Development,
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