[Phpwm] Broadband recommendations.

Peter Crouch pccrouch at bcs.org.uk
Sat Oct 2 21:42:49 UTC 2010


I have been with Zen for over seven years as a domestic customer and I 
have never had to call them for support.  I am on 'crap copper', to 
quote Richard Wallman, so I get nothing like the 'up to 20Mbps' speed 
which they claim is available.

Nevertheless I would recommend Zen and hope they offer a service in your 

Best wishes,

Peter Crouch

Mike Tipping wrote:
> Currently I'm on an original 512k down 256k up broadband connection that I
> get through a hosting company I deal with. The support is great but it's not
> cheap and getting anything faster will cost a fortune with them.
> Looking on the internet the market nowadays seems to largely comprise of
> cheap no frills limited providers or companies that only work when they have
> their equipment in their exchange.
> I need an provider with decent support, fixed IP addresses (I've been amazed
> at how many ISP's I've spoken to don't know what one is, let alone provide
> one) and the ability to provide broadband in my very rural exchange.
> So who does everyone else use and are they any good?
> Cheers
> Mike
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