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Here's something a little late notice wise...


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Subject: 	Beyond 2010 Hackathon
Date: 	Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:22:07 +0100
From: 	Vik Bhatti <vikb at bsp-a.com>
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Organisation: 	Birmingham Science Park Aston
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Hi David,

Would it be possible for you to send the following out to the PHP WM
mailing list? I know it's short notice but Digital Birmingham want got
get as many people involved as possible, even if not for the whole day.

Take part in an international 24 hour hackathon, as part of the Beyond
2010 conference this week.

*When:* Wednesday 20th October 14:00 - Thursday 21st October 14:00

*Where: *Birmingham Science Park Aston, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street

*What will our hackathon be like?:*

As we work on our project, we will be sharing what we're working on with
Edmonton [Canada] and Seoul [Korea] as we 'follow the sun'.

We’re going to spend 24 hours trying to create the blueprint for an app
design that can be used in cities all over the world. This will be an
application that will help families prepare during a disaster and will
list emergency muster points, emergency info, alerts during disasters,
and what to do. It will cater for different scenarios: although floods
or a Buncefield type explosion are both emergency situations, you don’t
handle them the same way. The aim of this app is to keep people safe,
and we hope to come up with a guideline for how it should look – so that
app designers around the world can pick up the guideline and run with it.

We will join up with Edmonton [Canada] and the Girl Geeks Hackathon Team
<http://yeggirlgeek.wordpress.com> at 14:00 on the 20th and set the
scene for what we will be doing. We will have OPEN DATA sets from
Edmonton <http://beyond2010hackathon.eventbrite.com/data.edmonton.ca/>.
We also hope to have a representative from Birmingham's emergency
planning team to talk about real scenarios and how they are dealt with
by the authorities and emergency services. After our link up with
Edmonton we will break into project groups and start the hack.

Why? This is not abandonware! Think repository. Think CPAN!
<http://www.cpan.org/> The code that is written will not be a temporary
sand castle; it will be more like graffiti. This is a chance to work
collaboratively with developers from across the world over 24 hrs. Come
for 4 hrs or 8 hrs or do the full 24hr marathon and join us for what
promises to be a great night.

Who should come? Hackers who are interested in making a difference or
insomniacs! We need coders, designers and creative people. We would also
love to have people who are involved in emergency planning and crisis

What happens afterwards? The best ideas will be taken up and potentially
used as the basis for new product development that could act as an app
template for any city in the world.

Who else is helping? The event is facilitated by ScraperWiki, the 4IP
funded data start-up behind the UK & Ireland Hacks & Hackers Hack Day tour.

Scraperwiki provides a platform that allows programmers the ability to
develop, store, and maintain software scrapers for the purposes of
extracting and linking data. In addition ScraperWiki provides ‘views’,
that allow private individuals, researchers, journalists and commercial
organisations the ability to interrogate and cross-reference public data
in a simple and meaningful way.

Other (important) stuff! We will feed you and give you lots of coke,
pizza and refreshments - we will also have beers at the end to celebrate.

Signup at: http://beyond2010hackathon.eventbrite.com/


*Vik Bhatti*
Technology Architect
Birmingham Science Park Aston

*A*: Birmingham Science Park Aston, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street,
Birmingham B7 4BB
*T*: +44 (0)121 260 6402 *F*: +44 (0)121 250 3567 *E*: vikb at bsp-a.com
<mailto:vikb at bsp-a.com>
*W*: www.bsp-a.com <http://www.bsp-a.com>



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