[Phpwm] 2x php jobs available in Leamington

Carl Sutton dogmatic69 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 12:51:08 UTC 2011

Hi all,

We have two openings available for some good OOP + MVC developers.
Mostly back end work on an in-house process management type app.
The positions are available to start right away, but we will understand if
you have a few weeks notice. Contractors with a view to going permanent are
also welcome. Even if you can not start soon, we would like to hear from any
interested dev's.

Its a start-up type environment, and you wont be required to use a specific
IDE, operating system or anything silly like that. There is already about 5
in the Dev team, including a designer, tester and two senior developers. We
use PHP5.x and run everything on Amazon EC2. In coming months we will be
looking at iOS and Android development too.

If you know or want to learn about Capistrano, cloud computing, continuous
integration and unit testing we do it all. The thing we are looking for most
is someone that fits in with the team, and can pick things up pretty

Basics of what we use:

PHP 5.x (MVC + OOP)
Mysql 5.x

The wage is not market related, but based on the skills of the applicant. We
are not looking for a specific level of developer (junior, senior etc). You
will however be given a very decent offer including health
insurance, pension scheme with company contributions and the rest.

We are quite a social company, with random luncheons in the park, jogging a
few times a week and quite a few company get-togethers in the local
bar/restaurant for catch-ups as the 'office staff' are based all around the
world. There is about 15 staff in total (only one using M$). Management has
also recently approved a budget for the chill out room, 42" TV + console,
bean bags and so on. :)

Carl Sutton

PS: Iv'e got most agents are blocked on my mail, so you need not contact
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