[Rustington] flug

fhj at eldy.org fhj at eldy.org
Fri Dec 17 18:49:00 UTC 2010

If you have a look at flug by means of the link there is an awful lot of
things to look at and do. I was quite intrigued by it all and must get in
touch with them fairly soon. They seem quite a different lug from most of
the ones that I know. 

I go on to Eldy a bit and today found Gavin from Angmering there. He is on
our mailing list and will prepare a talk for us next year. He is an
accomplished musician as well as a computer "guru" and has helped me a lot
in the past. As I said at the last meeting the French version of Eldy is
much better than the English. The trouble is that you have to understand

Desmond telephoned today and has promised to pay us another visit! He wants
to demonstrate Scribus to us, (amongst other things).

Happy Christmas and a Good New Year to all! 

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