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Fay Zee fay at eglug.org.uk
Sat Aug 6 00:08:33 UTC 2011

Hi Stuart,

On 5 August 2011 19:38, Stuart McFadyen  wrote:
> I have created a web page I would like your opinion on.
> As we have a few "Windows Haters" in our group I thought I would 
> them of Windows history.
> The web page is NOT  included in our web site,  but you can view
> here ....
> http://www.rustington.lug.org.uk/windowshate.htm

It might not be included at the mo but I don't expect it will take
Google long to index it - doesn't need to be linked from any other web
page. Rustington LUG might come up as number one for the term
"windowshate" :-]

Thanks for presenting this gem. Here is my honest take.

I watched the video. However, it is an incomplete recording - the last
bit is cut off It's also much too small - better watched at full
screen size (e.g. YouTube). Found it very interesting and
complimentary to Microsoft. I remember using 3.11 back in the day.

Two points:

1. I can't see the point of its inclusion in Rustington LUG's site -
perhaps it would be more suitable for U3A?

I was left feeling rather blank, as there was no explanatory comment
with it ... is Rustington advocating Windows? Why the title "hate"? It
didn't tie together. Of course, I am pretending to be a first-time
visitor, and I think there would need to be some commentary. You are
all familiar with your own group ethos, but others may need a gentle
pointer ... :-)

In any case I can't see an obvious Linux link, although you could have
stated that he used VMware for this project and given a few positive
examples of its use Although VMware is proprietary, it runs on
Windows and Linux and a few of its tools were released under the GPL.
It's also linked to the Open Virtual Machine Tools project on
Sourceforge.net. There are plenty of other virtual machines that are
open source, however.

2. In case you are looking for some text to put with it: It's
considered good etiquette to give a full credit for snippets taken
from elsewhere. But if it is an entire video, article or whatever, it
is generally considered best to link to it, unless you have
permission, in which case you can state that fact.

How did you come by it? Thanks to the opening credits I easily traced
the video to its creator, Andy Rasteri, of Aberdeen. He has posted it
to his own blog and also to his own channel on YouTube. YouTube allows
you to embed its videos, so that might be a better idea. It has had
over two million views! Andy seems to have made other similar
comparisons; for example, Internet Explorer, which I didn't watch. He
gives the impression of being a very capable and methodical guy.

In summary: Liked the video, but thought the setting odd.

Thanks again for posting.

Best regards,
East Grinstead Linux User Group

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