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Tue Feb 22 18:54:42 UTC 2011

various tabs to help define your print job. The "Image Quality" tab
should give you access to all your printer's quality settings that
linux is aware of. If you can't find what you need there, probably you
need a better driver. That depends on what the manufacturer offers to
our system or what the geeks have been able to discover.

I have a Lexmark whose official linux driver is broken, so have to use
a generic one with rather limited settings. You can just try drivers
for any similar printer, but watch carefully - you may find all your
paper or ink used up!   One of the kindest ways to stop a wild printer
is to remove the paper source (eg tray),then let it eject its page
before turning it off and finally cancelling the print job from the

Happy exploring


On 18 August 2011 10:02, Jill Wellman <jilli.wellman at> wrote:
> Can=A0anyone=A0help=A0me?=A0=A0I=A0have=A0set=A0up=A0a=A0new=A0computer=
> SHOTWELL=A0and=A0GIMP and in both cases the prints are dull and washed ou=
t.=A0 On
> the Windows 7 side of the same computer using Picasa=A0 and the same prin=
ter &
> settings,=A0 the resulting print is sharp & saturated & very pleasing.=A0=
 How do
> I get the colour profiles to transfer to the printer when using Linux?
> Dave Wellman.
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