[Rustington] items for 16th March meeting

fhj at eldy.org fhj at eldy.org
Sat Mar 12 14:39:59 UTC 2011

Elizabeth who is a beginner has asked for a short presentation on Google
Earth. I have asked Paul. If he cannot be with us then Stuart has kindly
agreed to do it the week after. Elizabeth has set a good example by asking
for a particular topic, this any member of the group could do, if they

I am still investigating Scribus, Inkscape, Gimp and of course Therapee.
All together they form an impressive group of programs for dealing with
graphics. Inkscape for logos and vectors. Therapee for raw data. Scribus
for composing your magazine or newsletter. Gimp is somewhat awesome. I have
a book on it if anyone wants to have a look see!

We shouldn't neglect media and sound applications. I have found Kino
useful, as it seems to be able to run almost everything and doesn't 
complain abiout the lack of a codec.  
Sadly I have neglected Faversham who have offered us help. I shall have to
get in touch with them again!

There were a number of enquiries at Bognor, so we may have some beginners
to join us. Please be patient with them and help where you can 


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