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Jim Dunn jimdunn01 at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 18 14:46:15 UTC 2011

Good afternoon,

Would you please delete this email address from any mail circulars, etc.

My correct address for computer club emails and matters concerning this is jimdunn02 at btinternet.com 

I am likely to delete these massages without reading them if they turn up on the wrong computer.

Thank you,

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        The attached file is an xml file. Which utility should be used to open it?

        I can read it as straight xml code, but that is not very helpful.
        Incidently, I have just discovered that Scribus was already installed on my Mac. It must have been part of the original installation.


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          Hi everyone on the mailing list.
          I have put the Bognor photos on a scribus document and would be grateful if
          someone (Jill or David perhaps) could identify the various stalls in the
          ie Bognor 1 = name of group 
          It isn't a big docment and it seems a good way of display. Comments would
          be appreciated.
          I hope that I am not abusing the mailing list!

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