[Rustington] mailing list help!

fhj at eldy.org fhj at eldy.org
Fri Mar 25 13:45:36 UTC 2011

I hope that people on the list will avail thermselves of Jim's offer of
help via the list. I am on other lug lists and asked for help regarding my
troubles with one of my notebooks. If you remember I showed you the puppy
linux distribution simply because the wireless adaptor worked successly on
that distribution. We rely on a wireless modem for our internet connection,
so that feature is a must. I has 3 replies to my request for help on the
Sussex lug and it seems that it was just a driver mistake which caused the
wireless to fail on Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora. So let  no=one be afraid to
ask for help, there are experts out there only too pleased to come forward!

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