[Rustington] Next Meeting 13th

Paul Willis phwillis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 14:29:53 UTC 2011

BBC Click last night came from the giant expo in Berlin. Internet TV
still has a way to go, as indeed does 3D TV. One main drawback with
the TV just now is data input. Really need a keyboard still. Then
there are the competing standards - folk have not forgotten the
VHS-Betamax wars. Blue ray was only settled because the opposition
backed out - not so likely with the TV market. The laptop or media PC
still rules for those who like that sort of thing. It is just easier
to plug into the VGA or HDMI and carry on. The mention of a TV with
built in Torrent made them choke a bit ;)

As a Linux group we may do well to look at Mythbuntu, a fusion of Myth
TV and Ubuntu. See http://www.mythbuntu.org/11.04/release. I d/l'd a
copy ages ago but haven't had time to play with it yet.

For TV I'm waiting for a real 3D holographic set that I can walk
around or sit in the middle of. Or maybe the implant that will plug
the net directly into my brain - so long as there's an off switch

Thanks Martin for the WUBI btw. Very good :)


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