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frank james frank.james4 at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 22 13:50:13 UTC 2011

Thanks to Brian for his talk on Cloud Computing. Ever since Martin told me about it I have been an addict. Now I have put it on my oldest netbook, which ran Xandros before. I also have it alongside XP on another faster notebook and use it all the time. I still have to configure my network printer on OS Joli....but that can wait!
Thanks also very much to Derek who has "held the fort" for 3 weeks whilst I was away. He has  been very busy and energetic with the proposed web site due to Jill Wellman becoming seriously involved with the
 new U3A. Bran has  helped a great deal and some of us hope to add our little bits of expertise soon.
Whilst away on holiday I explored "ImageMagick", which holds the key to doing anything you like to pictures. It is command line based so entry is via a terminal. 
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