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Martin Webb vobbelyvebb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 20:36:54 UTC 2012

Zorin OS is one of many Ubuntu Distro's:


On 6 February 2012 20:34, Martin Webb <vobbelyvebb at gmail.com> wrote:

> They are more than welcome to my millions stashed away in my Swiss Bank
> Account  ROFL !!!
> On 6 February 2012 20:29, Paul Willis <phwillis at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What a great way to get the secrets from PC users and recruit a bot
>> army - offer a new system (just a popular one with some new
>> decorations) and while installing it mount any other file systems and
>> harvest passwords and data, ship them back to base and lay in some
>> nice little eggies to give you control of the machine at some later
>> date - regardless of what system happens to be running. Or sneak in a
>> hidden update repository where the eggs can be supplied from later.
>> These times of full root privilege are just prefect for exploitation.
>> Don't suppose they'd be daft enough to write an inverse disclaimer
>> though ... or would they?
>> P
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