[Rustington] UPDATE - tar Backup Archive

Stuart McFadyen stuart.624mcfadyen at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 26 09:45:20 UTC 2012

I forgot to mention the following whilst talking about tar Backup Archive at last weeks meeting ... 

If you are running Linux as a Dual Boot with Windows then you need to EXCLUDE the Windows Partition within the tar parameters, as this will not only considerably increase the size of the Archive, you will have your full Windows system included within your Linux Archive !

In addition REMOVE any SD Cards from your Desktop/Laptop to EXCLUDE them from the Archive.

Next, open the Linux (Ubuntu Mint etc) File Manager and open the Windows Media mount, which will be listed in the left-hand column. 

Check and make a note of the PATH shown at the top of screen, which will usually be /media/xxxxxxname 

Then, when running tar from a Root Terminal, add the following parameter to those I gave out last week ....


Apologies for the omission.

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