[Rustington] Frequency of meetings and u3a subsidy

frank james fhj1723 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 16:53:35 UTC 2012

Today we had a new member, interested in graphics, and keen to find out
what we do, At the same time there was a discussion on the amount of
subsidy we receive from the U3A. Derek who looks after the U3A website, and
has been a staunch member of our group from the beginning has discussed
this with the U3A treasurer and has kindly offered to write to our members
to find a remedy. The treasurer has also mentioned to me that he has
approached Brian Wise to start up another computer group at the Angmering
Centre. We do not support Microsoft very much, we only offered because
Brian Wise's group folded. We have had good numbers attending, but numbers
have fallen off, largely because we have not been able to cater for all
their interests and needs.
Please make an effort to read what Derek is about to send to you, and if
you want to attend next week you can make your feelings known audibly. You
might even reply using the lug mail if you cannot come next week!
I have tried on several occasions to pass the buck of lugmaster on but
there were no willing hands ready to take over. I have personally benefited
enormously from being a member of the group, but am always ready to give
way to a younger and more able person.
I hope that we can carry on until October 20th as that will mean a 2 year
span,  with the split of the Arun U3A into 3 sub groups it is normal that
those in command look seriously at finance and sharing of the resources.
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