[Rustington] Response to Frank & Derek - Confused

Martin Webb vobbelyvebb at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 19:59:13 UTC 2012

Good evening

I am not aware of the history of previous U3A Computer Groups and after
Frank wrote

"The treasurer has also mentioned to me that he has approached Brian Wise
to start up another computer group at the Angmering Centre. We do not
support Microsoft very much, we only offered because Brian Wise's group
folded. We have had good numbers attending, but numbers have fallen off,
largely because we have not been able to cater for all their interests and

So did Brian Wise have a Group before ?

Why has Silver Sufers East Preston not been approached, from my last
conversation from a previous participant, he left because the organizer is
not au-fait with Windows 7 and appears not to be interested, as well as
being over-subscribed !

It would appear that Android and iOS Tablets (& Smart Phones) are becoming
more popular and are both *NIX based Operating Systems and both my Brother
and I have some experienc, maybe that could be included in the LUG ?

Maybe we should look to go bi-weekly, and if the new Computer Group did
likewise on alternative weeks it will give U3A members, plenty of choice.

The other possibility is to move group to Angmering to give continuaty of
venue with above..

Just some thoughts, but will try hard to attend next week.
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