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Brian Webb webbsworld at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:55:56 UTC 2012

Firstly, apology for not been able to attend tomorrows meeting.Have been a
member for over a year but unfortunately cannot get there as often as I
would like. I am now a committed 'Linux' user, not for any ideological
reasons but because it just works better than Windows!
Below are a few of my comments which I hope will contribute to tomorrows

What is the purpose of the LUG?  For me it should cover three main aspects.
1. To evaluate and compare different 'distros' of Linux
2. To discuss applications and the implementation on Linux.
3. To help 'Windows' users convert to (in my opinion) a better Operating

Reading some of the comments about the future of the LUG, it appears that
some members have a fairly restrictive outlook on what is 'allowable' in a

For me many of the topics covered in the last months, for example:-
Digitising music, Composing music, PERL programming, CMS for websites,
these are all almost independent of the Operating System. With more things
going to the 'Cloud' this trend will continue. Also with 'linux' systems
being used on other devices should we not include these in our meetings?

Because of the costs of the meetings we need to increase the numbers and/or
reduce the frequency of the meetings

Suggestions for the future:-
1. That the meetings are twice a month. I do not think there is enough
'content' for a weekly discussion.
2. That we have a more formal programme of topics, so each meeting has a
'talk' for 30/ 40 minutes before we go into a general discussion.
3. We have a topic that is cross platform every 3 to 4 meetings and
advertise them on the 'U3A weekly bulletin' in the hope of attracting new

I await with interest to hear what you decide.

Brian Webb
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