[Rustington] Linux v. Android aka Android IS Linux

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Good morning

Further to my last response, maybe  someone could give a *brief* talk on
differing CPU architectures and how Linux uses differing repositories to
give the same user experience across the "board".  The most common CPU
architectures are:

IBM Power  aka  PPC


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First and foremost Android *IS* Linux Kernel based and was written for
embedded system by a company called Android inc.


When Google bought Android inc (Google sponsored company) they tweaked the
Linux Kernel for their own commercial purposes which is against the spirit
of the Linux Community.  This year they have started to give back to the
Linux Community and will bring the Android Linux Kernel in line with the
pure Linux Kernel:

So in essence I do consider that Android should be included in a LUG

*Maybe we also should consider BSD Unix Distro's, such as the FreeBSD,
Playstation CellOS and Apple OS X

Also Linux has been ported successfully to both Power PC and ARM, so where
does one draw the line ??????????


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Way back in this thread, someone explained what the principle difference is
between Linux and Android, but I cannot for the life of me find it. Please
could you repeat the explanation?

I am assuming that Android is very similar to Linux and have no problem
with it being included in the LUG.


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