[Rustington] Apologies for the wifi yesterday!

Derek Waite dcwaite at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Feb 28 17:17:54 UTC 2013

Frank et al,....slip o' the finger I suspect....the next meeting Frank 
refers to is Wednesday 13th March.....Regards,....Derek

On 28/02/2013 16:55, frank james wrote:
> I checked with 3g this morning and there has been work going on on the 
> system, in particular the mast where our feed originates.It will be a 
> couple of days before "normal" service is resumed!
> I have upgraded my contract and we will get better speed and more data 
> allowance per rmonth. They are sending me a new dongle.
> The next lug meeting coincides with a special u3a east meeting. I 
> propose to go ahead with our meeting on 14th March, we shall be 
> missing Derek Waite and Bob Green who had indicated their preference 
> to attend the u3a "Special" meeting.
> Frank
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