[Rustington] Tomorrow's lug, 22nd May

frank james fhj1723 at gmail.com
Tue May 21 18:35:27 UTC 2013

Having been bllled for 3 months by 3G for their 15Gb mobile wifi with an
admission from them that there is a fault (by telephone of course, nothing
in writing), I have cancelled the direct debit. They will not write in
reply to my letter if complaint. They will probably try to collect
cancellation fees from me, but I shall contest them and try to recover what
has already been taken from me.
I have again asked Caroline at the Woodlands Centre if we could use the
Council wifi connection and she has agreed to try to arrange it. The other
pssibility is the Guides wifi next door, but I haven't asked them yet!
If this fails I shall have to give up. So we shall see tomorrow. I asked
for help from the U3A but none seems to be forthcoming.
Stuart has some interesting things for us, which is good. Otherwise please
have some suggestions for us, we may have to consider moving to a pub if we
want to carry on. My hope was to continue using the room where the TV was
installed, and they have put it on a mobile stand. It has served us for 2
and a half years, so I won't be losing any sleep in forgetting about it!
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