[Rustington] news on wifif problem!

frank james fhj1723 at gmail.com
Wed May 29 15:56:00 UTC 2013

If I can't get this sorted out this week I shall have to give up. A visit
to Currys at Littlehampton provided me with a view of Three's two wifi
modems, just like the two we use, They are available on a one month hire,
just like the first one that we used for 2 years. I tried mine there and it
worked. All I have had from Three is that they will let me know when the
problem is fixed! I have asked the Woodlands Centre to meet with the IT man
and discuss testing a mains ethernet link. This I use at home. I wait
patiently for his answer.
I have cancelled the direct debit with H3g, they didn't turn a hair. I gat
messages from them which thank me for my patience. They have "credited my
account with 2 month's fees", but I am attempting to terminate the account.
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