[Rustington] Next meeting Wednesday 26th February

frank james fhj1723 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 09:42:35 UTC 2014

I went to a new members meeting yesterday and only interested one lady who
has moved here fro Dorking and although a windows user asked whether she
might get some tablet instruction  from us? So she may come next week and
seek our help.
I would like to give a presentation on Perl at the next meeting, just for
half an hour. I am not a programmer at all, but it may be enlightening for
others to hear about my efforts.
Someone else might do the same for Python and perhaps Ruby at some future
It would be nice if others would offer to take the floor and give us a hint
of what they get up to on their computers. Generally only Stuart has the
courage to offer.
The wifi has now been given a different SIM and works at home and yesterday
in the Booker Hall where the new members meeting took place. For some
unknown reason it defaults on echo link.
I have found the appropriate app for the wifi signal strength meter and it
is on my tablet!
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