[Rustington] Turmoil AT MICROSOFT !

Stuart McFadyen stuart.624mcfadyen at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 27 10:53:56 UTC 2014

The extract text below is from a longer article outlining the number of executives that have "left" or been "removed" from MICROSOFT since the Windows 8 debacle ..... it remains to be seen if the future (Windows 9) pans out, as in the extract ...


"Of greater interest to mouse-and-keyboard Windows users: It appears that Microsoft is building three different versions of Windows, with a Spring 2015 delivery. As ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley reports, the new Windows effort - code-named "Threshold" - consists of three parts:

A "Modern" consumer version of Windows, available only via the Windows Store, will run on hardware that we would currently identify as phones, tablets, phablets, and maybe even ultrabooks. There's lots of speculation about whether Windows 9 "Mod" will run only on ARM-equipped devices (as is currently the case with Windows RT) or on both ARM and Intel hardware. Presumably, it'll be touch-friendly.

A traditional consumer version will be suited more for mouse/keyboard users. It will be regularly updated through the Windows Store. Based on Foley's description, it isn't clear whether the traditional consumer version will include a Metro side similar to the current Windows 8/8.1. I hope Microsoft develops a technology similar to Stardock's ModernMix (site), which lets you run Metro apps inside their own windows on the Windows desktop.

An Enterprise version will be mouse-keyboard-dependent, but it won't be updated every three or so days. This is the Windows 7 replacement, at least to my way of thinking. If it looks and acts like an improved version of Windows 7, that's the version I'd recommend for just about every experienced Windows user.

Keep in mind: All this information is based on leaked and uncorroborated reports that might represent Microsoft's current planning. There's no assurance that any of this leaked information will come to fruition.

But given that bit of preview - and given the team that's putting the next Windows together - I'm hopeful that Windows 9 will have one flavour that looks like a better Windows 7 and another flavour that works great on phones and tablets. And that they arrive in time to plug the whooshing sound emanating from Windows 8.
Turmoil at Microsoft; implications for Windows users !"


Let's hope LINUX can profit from this MICROSOFT mess !!!

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