[Rustington] Windows Wireless Drivers In Linux

Stuart McFadyen stuart.624mcfadyen at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 11 10:12:59 UTC 2014

Just to confirm our discussion yesterday, here is a summary of the moves 
to install Windows Wireless Drivers in Linux.

(i) Search for and Copy into Linux the xxxxxx.INF and xxxxxx.SYS files 
from a Windows install of the         Driver.

(ii) Open Linux "Windows Wireless Drivers" (usually in System Tools).

(iii) CLICK "Install New Driver", Locate the Windows .INF file from 
Linux folder and CLICK Install.

(The installed Driver should then show as installed and "Hardware 
Present: No")

(iv) Open Terminal and run ... sudo ndiswrapper -m
                                                 sudo ndiswrapper -ma
                                                 sudo ndiswrapper -mi

(v) REBOOT system.

To check the Driver is correctly installed ... sudo ndiswrapper -l

On connection the Hardware should be recognised, and work !

Bon Chance.


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