[Rustington] Reminder: Portsmouth LUG BaB meeting Saturday 21st March 13:00 to 18:00

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 11:01:06 UTC 2015

The next Portsmouth LUG meeting will be at the Broadoaks Sports and Social 
Club* on Saturday 21st March from 13:00 to 18:00.

Do come.  If you haven't been before, we are a friendly lot and would love to 
see you. All are welcome

It is a bring-a-box meeting, so bring a 'box', bring a notebook, 
bring anything that might run Linux, or just bring yourself and enjoy 
socialising/learning/teaching or simply chilling out!  Bring any Linux or 
Open Source problems, come to have help installing Linux or simply to pick up 
installation media.

Paul Tansom will be speaking about "the state of gaming on Linux, which
.... is often seen as the holy grail of getting people to migrate from 

I shall try to be there at about 12:15.  If I am the only one left at 
any time after 5:00, I shall go.  So if you want to arrive ultra late, make 
sure that you let me know!

How to find the venue and other basic details below.

See you there,

* http://www.broadoaksocialclub.net/where.html

For newcomers:
Facilities for talks are good, other facilities adequate.  There are some 
power points, but not enough, but they can be extended by the 
extension leads some of us sometimes remember to bring.  (Hint, hint!)  
Switches would also be useful.  There is Wi-Fi, but it is, shall we say, 
problematic (and slow).  There is also ethernet, but again not very fast (2 
Meg) and the room has, if they have not been pinched, homeplugs.  

There is a bar, which also serves tea and coffee, but if you want more food 
than crisps or a chocolate bar you will need to bring it.

There is plenty of parking just opposite the club, and Hilsea railway 
station is immediately adjacent.  If coming by car, please note that Norway 
Road is at a higher level than Airport Service Road, and flies over it.

If the barrier is determinedly down in the extended part of the car park, and 
you need to get in, press the button for the intercom and say why you are 
there.  The barrier will then be raised. 

The door to the club will probably be locked.  If so, you will need to 
ring the buzzer and ask for the Linux meeting.  Go up the stairs and 
through the bar to the door at the back left corner of the bar.

 The sign-in list will, as usual, be at the back of the room.  Please do not 
forget to sign it.  The gold moneybox will also be at the back of the room. 

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