[Rustington] Wednesday meeting 22 July

Paul Willis phwillis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 22:15:31 UTC 2015

Hello all
Hope we can improve on last month's attendance (6).
This one will be at Woodlands but is likely to be the last one there.
Frank has given up his Tuesday morning spot at St Mary's Spire Room,
but I think he paid in advance for the year, so perhaps .... Otherwise
the Angmering community centre would be more affordable for 2 hours.

Last time, as well as discussing our future, we saw Keith at work on
his HDMI-PI, finally demonstrating it with it's BitScope card in
action. I think I mentioned my discovery of ethtool and how I now have
WakeOnLan working again. We thought we may have a role helping folk
still using wobbly old XP systems to install up-to-date Linux on their
old hardware, but I confess I didn't find time to get anything in the
U3A newsletter, and in any case with our August break coming up, this
is hardly the ideal time for recruitment.

My recent amusements have included successfully loading linphone (SIP
client) onto a Nokia (OMG Windows!) phone and discovering the delights
of Wildmidi, a command line midi player, not that those jolly little
midi tunes can be played for long without all loss of sanity. This was
inspired by the errors listed in Rhythmbox where midi files were
encountered, but when I have more time (and of course hell will be
frozen over) I may have another look at Lilypond, the music engraver
which throws in a midi copy of the composition as a useful check that
the music written is what was intended.

Looking forward to seeing as many as possible on Wednesday


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