[Rustington] Portsmouth Linux User Group September meeting

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 23:13:12 UTC 2015

The next Portsmouth LUG meeting will be at the Broadoaks Sports and Social 
Club on Saturday 19th September from 13:00 to 18:00.

Full venue details here:

Do come.  If you haven't been before, we are a friendly bunch and would love 
to see you.  All are welcome.

It is a bring-a-box meeting, so bring a 'box', bring a notebook, 
bring anything that might run Linux, or just bring yourself and enjoy 
socialising/learning/teaching or simply chilling out!  

So far we have no talk, but I stand ready to explain Debian packaging 
management to Anthony as I said I would, Arthur is, I hope, bringing his box 
with a view to getting help installing Linux Mint, and I shall be bringing 
the same laptop as last time to finish the installation.  I have not thanked 
those who helped last time, but I am very grateful.  It would be nice if 
someone could look at the replacement internal optical drive that I bought to 
be sure that I installed it correctly.  It doesn't work, but the fault may be 

Anyone else with problems?  If it might help if someone else brought some 
equipment, or might need special expertise, please mention it 
in advance.  And if you can help, then please come to the meeting to do so!

Hayden, if you are coming could you bring your Zalman device?  It was such a 
help last time.

An advance announcement for November: 
Dr. Jacek Kopecky of Portsmouth University will tell us about the new editor 
Atom.io, in particular about how it's open, and built on Web technologies, so 
it's quite easy to hack.  Jack is currently a contributor to Atom's vim-mode 

In October we shall have Matt Withers talking to us on "Astrophotography & 

Hope to see many of you next week,

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