[Rustington] Portsmouth LUG Past and Future Speakers

Lisi Reisz lisi.reisz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 00:30:09 UTC 2016

Our last speaker, Prue Amner, sent me her slides on the Saturday she spoke to 
us, and I am very remiss in not having passed them on sooner.  I cannot open 
them in Power Point to check what happens, because I have not got it, but 
they appear to open reasonably in Google Slides and Impress.  They are here:
http://www.portsmouth.lug.org.uk/talks/201606.html , and I recommend that 
anyone who missed the talk should have a look.  It was a most enjoyable 
trudge down memory lane for some of us, and a history lesson for the rest of 

This month, next week in fact, and I apologise, especially to Andrew, for not 
giving you more notice, Andrew Wilkins will talk to us on: Open Source VPN 
with strongSwan Assure  http://www.portsmouth.lug.org.uk/talks/201607.html  
Please turn out in droves to prove that you are all ready to leap to a 
meeting even if I am dilatory with the publicity.  I don't want to feel that 
Andrew wasted his time on what will be a very interesting talk.

Then, next month, we have Matthew Withers talking to us on Open Source 
Science.  This is last October's postponed and rethemed talk.  Matthew 
promises us that there will still be plenty of Astral Photography in among 
the Science.


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