[Rustington] Meeting tomorrow

Paul Willis phwillis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 09:15:25 UTC 2016

Last meet of the summer, usual sort of thing, bring your toys, successes
and troubles to chew over. I have exchanged some email with Ann Wagstaff
who we may welcome as a potential new member in company with her

Firing up my PI with the Jessie release, I had great expectations for the
BBC iplayer now in beta with HTML5. I was pleased to see it running, but
the sound was dreadful, not much good for a radio program. Reminded me of
the home service on my first kit radio - bit like a cat's whisker :( As the
processor thrashed at a constant 100%, I wondered what else the Beeb was
running in there.  That inspired me to have a look at a chrome extension -
netmonitor - that monitors website network activity and runs well on my
desktop, but is too new to me to understand quite what it's telling about
the iplayer. Running Chrome (or Chromium really) I picked it up from
Trouble is I'm using Firefox on this PI at the mo.

My more consuming interest this month has been switching my Ubuntu over to
run on an ssd and now have some experience to share on that subject.

See you tomorrow

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